ASDAN award (Animal Care) eligible
Often eligible for Pupil Equity Funding

Are you working with a child who you feel needs some unique support?  Calm & Confident aims to help children believe in themselves and manage their emotions, by feeling more happy and secure. Learning about what dogs need and how this affects behaviour can help children understand more about their own behaviour too.  Working with each child, week by week, the tailored activities with dogs;  can help them cope with the challenges in their lives. 

This fully tailored project can be shaped to target a wide range of social, emotional and behaviour needs. A range of educational outcomes are possible too, including the nationally recognised ASDAN award in Animal Care. We would be happy to contact you to find out about your specific needs,so please get in touch.

Individual or Group = 4


Session =

1- 2 hours

Min. no. sessions = 4

Please enquire

The format of the course is flexible and can be offered on an individual basis or to a small group. We can also work with children alongside their parents / carers, a great way to strengthen relationships through a fun shared activity..