"It's not's science!"

Reduced heart rate

REDUCED HEART RATE & BLOOD PRESSURE Feeling calmer        Improved self-regulation        Increased focus


REDUCED CORTISOL Reduced stress & anxiety        Improves learning capacity       Decreased reaction to stressors

INCREASED OXYTOCIN Social lubricant effect        Increased engagement        Increased interpersonal interactions​

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Research from a variety of disciplines informs all aspects of our practice.  Working in close partnership with University of Stirling and Stirling Human Animal Interaction Research group allows us to bring you the latest research in practice.  As members of Scotland's Animal Welfare Education Forum - founded by the Scottish SPCA - we ensure we model the highest standards of animal welfare with our dogs whilst educating the children we work with.


In 2017 our founder, Dr Rebecca Leonardi, published research on our prison-based rescue dog programme, which you can read here.  If you would like to read more research about human-animal interactions and the benefits of these then please click here for references.