"I can't believe how well  behaved I've been!" 

For children facing difficulties in life small steps can become big achievements. Our dog-activity projects help them to take that first step. Exercise and play are universally recognised as pathways to improved emotional well-being. When we add to this the health benefits of being with dogs, it is clear to see how these projects can benefit the children you work with. Learning how to have fun with dogs in a way which is safe, and enjoyable for the dogs too, is at the core of all of our projects.


Helping children learn and feel happier is at the heart of everything we do.




A short, fun and educational workshop for classes up to 30. Dog skills demonstrations.

 From only £15 per child.

Friends of Paws

A highly interactive project; great for active children and those with Autism & ADHD . From  £50 per child per session.

Fit & Focused

This project can be fully tailored; targeting a range of social and emotional outcomes. Price dependent on requirements.

Calm & Confident